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AUSGANG studio shows a higher form of evolution where we have to rethink our understanding of artificial life and its needs for the future. The ability to learn and adapt is one of the foundations of both AGI and survival in general. The "ATEM" project immerses the viewer in the philosophy of breath as a symbol of life force and the basic principle of life.


In its work, AUSGANG studio works with a system where it combines purely biological and thus natural processes and transfers them to machine objects with the help of a metaphor, thereby creating a kind of unrest in the viewers inner experience. With this approach, they create a sense of unity and uncertainty in the audience. In other words, this is the feeling that artists Radovan Dranga and Alex Zelina experience and therefore transform in their work.


We live in a really dark time full of changes, unnecessary economic growth and uncertain feelings about the future. A time in which we no longer applaud to the development of technology, because with it we recognise our humanity. We are not looking forward to artificial intelligence to help us solve our problems, such as poverty or cancer treatment. We fear that it will endanger us all with our reckless behaviour.



Galeria Kaple, Valmez 2023


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