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Awaken Monsters

What was once a myth is becoming a reality: A world made up of the remnants of human technology, to which nature has adapted in order to survive. The monsters created from the waste and upcycled materials to become alive. Artists warn people of the unsettling but possible future of our planet.


Awaken Monsters are terrifying creatures that rule the world of the future. In an age where plastic and human waste is the most dangerous object in nature.

Objects created by artists represent legendary monsters that we know from stories. Created from waste materials from electrical installations and plastics, together they create an upcycled objects. They are overgrown with moss, algae and coral, as if these mythical creatures have existed for hundreds of years.

A vision of the future/nature, which is partly made up of the rest of the technological achievements of the people who lived before them. The project is a reaction to the fact that nature always survives, so if humanity wants to survive as well, it must adapt to it. The project is set up in such a way that it can engage the contemporary viewer saturated with visual art by means of an interactive installation, playful form and strong visuality. They take the form of glowing monsters in the dark, becoming legendary beings of the future. They are resembling and imitating nature with their appearance, behaviour, and sound/music.

A world formed only by the remnants of human technology to which nature has adapted. This reality, created by artists, is a frighteningly possible future and potential fate of our planet. There is a lot of talk about ecology. It may seem that this is a topic that has already been said enough about, but the steps that we collectively take to prevent the impending disaster are still small and therefore it is necessary to talk about it even more loudly.

Nature will prevail. 


Anomalie Art Club Berlin 2023

WIHH gallery, Amsterdam 2022

Žilina žije Žilina2022

O zrka-bdeni Nitrianska galéria Nitra 2022

Awaken Monsters Divadlo Pôtoň 2021

Kraken 3.0

Height: 190 cm

Length: 41 cm

Depth: 41 cm


Height: 190 cm

Length: 32 cm

Depth: 31 cm

Anarcho​ / In private collection

Height: 177 cm

Length: 41 cm

Depth: 41 cm

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