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Working and creating objects with bio materials. Experimenting with mycelium and bio-plastics. New frontier. Materials of the future.  The AUSGANG Studio – Radovan Dranga and Alex Zelina, presenting their latest objects entitled Bio - Core, leight-objects submerged in a liquid with care. 

Mycelium can be used to create various types of materials, including insulation, packaging, and even furniture. In art practice, mycelium can be used as a medium for sculpture, or as a way to create installations.

Bio plastic is a type of plastic that is made from renewable resources, such as corn starch or potato starch, rather than fossil fuels. Bio plastic has a number of advantages over traditional plastic, including the fact that it  has a lower carbon footprint. 

Both mycelium and bio plastic offer artists the opportunity to create works of art that are more sustainable and environmentally friendly than those made with traditional materials. By using these materials, artists can not only create beautiful and thought-provoking works of art, but also make a positive impact on the environment.

In the work of AUSGANG Studio we come across a sometimes drastic reflection of the reality of today’s world, in which technology and its conveniences take on more importance than living forms. In both cases, however, we follow the stories from their birth to the moment of their passing. The light objects of Dranga and Zelina go directly to the essence of the matter, but at the same time they also rely on the imagination of their viewer, who is able to grasp the story and give it its own meaning.

The pair of artists, Radovan Dranga and Alex Zelina, who work together under the banner of AUSGANG Studio, are a special phenomenon on the Slovak art scene. They created their own concept in which they use cables, waste, light and music to create fictional worlds referring to a vision of a dystopian future. In case of the exhibited objects using organic materials – live mushrooms overgrowing the jars with embryos of robotic creatures is an added value. This conjunction is formally in direct contrast, however ideologically just strengthens the possibility to perceive life on two levels.

Material: Mycelium, bio plastics, liquid, luminescence cables and glass

Height: 30 cm

Width: 20 cm

Thank you for a coopertaion: Drž Huby & Crafting Plastics

Foto: Adam Šakový


1. Máj Nová Cvernovka 2023

ETERNAL DAWN Fog Gallery Bratislava 2022

Bio - Core

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