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Everybody needs a hug - even nature! Using hugs as a way to connect with nature and promote its uniques. It's important to find ways to connect with the natural world, and incorporating activities like hugging elements of nature can be a pleasant and meaningful way to do this

Re-connecting people with nature as much as possible is very important - now more than ever. We use hugs as a universal gesture of love to create unity, between Burners interacting with the installation as well as between each individual and Mother Nature. 


The piece aims to create a positive and engaging experience for those who participate, encouraging them to physically interact with and appreciate the natural world. The use of mycelium as a building material adds an additional layer of meaning to the piece, as it highlights the potential for sustainable materials to be used in creative and innovative ways. 


Overall, the philosophy of the art piece is cantered around the idea of creating a sense of connection, unity, and joy through engagement with nature and the natural world.



Work in progress 
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