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Alex and Radovan at Nuit Blanch Paris 2021
Photo by M
arína Hnidková
The pair of artists, Radovan Dranga and Alex Zelina, who work together under the banner of AUSGANG studio, are a special phenomenon on the art scene. They created their own concept in which they use cables, waste, light and music to create fictional worlds referring to a vision of a dystopian future. On the other hand they are creating objects using organic materials – live mushrooms overgrowing the jars with embryos of robotic creatures as an added value. This conjunction is formally in direct contrast, however ideologically just strengthens the possibility to perceive life on two levels.

AUSGANG studio artistic practice is inspired by their fascination with new technologies, computer games, virtual worlds, techno and the implementation of these in art. They largely reflect on contemporary issues such as environmentalism, technological progress, the dichotomy between reality and virtuality, and the role of machines in evolution, while displaying the possible future scenarios of our humanity and the preservation of our planet under different conditions. 
Whether static or dynamic, AUSGANG studio chiefly work with new media and spatial installation. Objects they design and create are mostly installations constructed out of upcycled materials, such as used cables, assorted with diverse natural and biological materials. The objects are accompanied by gleaming lights and distinctive audio composed of multiple sounds and tunes produced for each object explicitly. Most of the pieces are showcased in the physical world, but to inspect some of them, you need to visit the virtual world, as they exist solely in this reality. 
Through a fusion of technology, art, and nature, Alex and Radovan have the power to warp space and time to create new and unique environments, either in physical reality or a virtual one, with the ability to let the viewer be lost entirely and feel uncanny and comfortable simultaneously. Their artworks represent majestic and obscure scenes of new worlds, where the distinctions between plants, animals, micro-organisms, and machines are broken down and navigate the spectator through dystopian visions of life in the future. 
We might play the gods, but nature will prevail.


West EU & WW

CEE (V4, Balkans,Baltics)


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