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People are dead. 

Nature is dead. 

Objects and site specific installation for gallery ATELIER XIII are inspired by nature, sci-fi worlds, computer games, visualisations generated by neural networks (Al) and climate crisis statistics.

Technologies have achieved full autonomy. Thanks to consistent learning of how to evolve the current state to new versions, technology has been able to make better selves of us. Neither people nor nature have passed the filter. Life is not needed. Culture and our technologies 'live' on. They cheated death and they are going to leave our signature until the end of the universe. We have become creators outlived by their creatures. That has always been our plan. We did it. That's a reason for a celebration. We did it, people! 


Exhibition of two authors, Alex Zelina and Radovan Dranga, is a continuation of their series of objects depicting beings of the future. They picture our nightmares, where the world has changed into images of a distopical future. 


WIHH gallery, Amsterdam 2022

ATELIER XIII 2022 Bratislava

Short video from the exhibition DØØM at Atelier XIII

Short document about the exhibition DØØM at Atelier XIII

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