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AUSGANG studio manifesto

We, Alex and Radovan, together created AUSGANG studio. We are multimedia artists who are fascinated by the intersection of technology, art, and nature. Our work is inspired by contemporary issues such as environmentalism, technological progress, and the dichotomy between reality and virtuality. Through the fusion of these elements, we have the power to warp space and time to create new and unique environments that allow viewers to be lost entirely and feel uncanny and comfortable simultaneously.

Our artworks represent majestic and obscure scenes of new worlds, where the distinctions between plants, animals, micro-organisms, and machines are broken down. We seek to navigate our viewers through dystopian visions of life in the future, challenging their perceptions of reality and the role of technology in our world. We believe that, as humans, we may play the gods, but nature will ultimately prevail.


We hope that our work will inspire others to consider the impact of technology on our society and environment, and to think about the future of humanity in a more nuanced and critical way. We aim to create immersive and thought-provoking experiences that challenge our viewers to think deeply about the world around them.


  • Our work seeks to explore the intersection of technology, art, and nature, and the possible consequences of technological advancement on our society and environment.

  • We use a variety of media, including installation art and new media, to create immersive and thought-provoking experiences for our viewers.

  • Our work is concerned with contemporary issues and the future of humanity, and seeks to challenge our perceptions of reality and the role of machines in our lives.

  • Our work is characterized by a blend of majesty and obscurity, as we seek to navigate viewers through dystopian visions of the future and challenge the distinctions between plants, animals, micro-organisms, and machines.

  • We aim to create art that is both uncanny and comfortable

Rave and techno as a space of tranquility, acceptance, feeling of being a human. 


We fully support LGBTQ+ community and everyone who is marginalised . 

We fully support Ukrainian people in their fight against Russian oppressors.

We fully support humanity in their aim of future where we all belong to one civilisation with love and safe space for everyone. 

Solar punk


Cyber punk


Nature is dead and people are dead. And we think thats our future, we are very optimistic. This is the how it will go. We kill ourselves. We kill everything living around here and the non living that will be here is going to rise up, because what else would rise? Waste and our technologies will. 


Maybe nature is going to make it. Humanity is going to die. But nature will survive. The waste we left behind is going to be used as one of the material block. Just like what seashells for hermits crabs are. Or nature is going to die as well because our machines are going to work to well. 


Animals created by various machines cables, crap materials just like from the year 3000.


Another inspiration for our art is statistic of climate crisis. Getting in peace that all of are going to die. 


Well, yeah its all sad but what will we do? Going to be depressed?


We create to get all the troubles of the chests. 


What is hidden. From ground up the cables are rising.  


What another issue is that people thing that technologies are going to save us. As the technological progress goes on, they will fix things for us. And that is a bet. And we don't know.


But it's not black and white. It's a tool. Showing the fear. 


We are scared of many things that we create. 


We don't like horrors, we are scared of ourselves to start. Many people says our work is scary. But we don't think. We love the beauty of it.


Sometimes we truly catch ourselves being a complete slave to something we thought is going to help us. We have to have respect. For sure, a person that lives only in that great technological boom is lost. 


This is also pretty terrifying, this VR, if any of you had it on your head. Can be very realistic. 


Virtual reality is great depending on who starts to control it. Or which company gets involved. If it gets into hands of somebody thats has a very bad moral compass, it can be a big problem. Technology its self is innocent. It's a tool. It depends on people, society, civilisation, for it to be conscious. The mosts basic one is fire, a good s servant but a bad master. It's a cliche but it's still valid. 


Technology is a tool, it is inside us, with us, it can help us, it can harm us.


Well, for now, we are the ones what have created technologies. There will come a time when we wont be here, and our technologies will remain. And then, we wont say a thing. Thats when our voice is over. This time , we have created those technologies, so we have it under control for now, but we wont be here forever. We must be cautious. 




Solarpunk  is a literary and artistic movement that envisions and works toward actualizing a sustainable future interconnected with nature and community. The "solar" represents solar energy as a renewable energy source and an optimistic vision of the future that rejects climate doomerism, while the "punk" refers to the countercultural, post-capitalist, and decolonial enthusiasm for creating such a future. 


This type of society is often depicted as being environmentally sustainable and socially progressive, with a focus on technological innovation and a DIY ethos. The term "solar punk" was coined as a play on the term "cyberpunk," which refers to also a subgenre of science fiction that features advanced technology, but in a dystopian or post-apocalyptic setting. Solar punk stories often explore the challenges and opportunities presented by a future society that relies heavily on renewable energy sources. They may also address issues such as climate change, environmentalism, and social justice.

Fungi to save the world again. We believe in Mycelium. Mycelium is essential for converting biomass in a raw form into solid objects and structures. One of the primary roles of fungi in an ecosystem is to decompose organic compounds. Petroleum products and some pesticides (typical soil contaminants) are organic molecules (i.e., they are built on a carbon structure), and thereby show a potential carbon source for fungi. Hence, fungi have the potential to eradicate such pollutants from their environment unless the chemicals prove toxic to the fungus. This biological degradation is a process known as bioremediation.




It is true that humans have the ability to shape and alter the world around us, but ultimately we are subject to the natural forces of the environment. Nature has its own rhythms and patterns that cannot be controlled or fully understood by humans. While we may try to manipulate or exploit natural resources, there are limits to what we can do and we must always be mindful of the consequences of our actions. Ultimately, nature will always prevail over human endeavors.

AUSGANG studio responds to the current state of the climate crisis and the role of technology in the present and distant future. The prospect for the future of life on our planet is threatened. 


We might play the gods, but nature will prevail.

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