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Spawn Point

The moment of metamorphosis. The ephemeral moment of birth. What is inside of the egg? When will it hatch and what will become of it? Replication as something that moves life forward. Something that brings new possibilities to be better adaptation to withstand the new conditions. To be better.


The project consists of two layers. One physical in the gallery space and the second layer above the whole thing in the digital space of virtual reality. 

The project prompts questions: what will be left of us and where are we heading? People reshape nature and create technologies and artificial objects that will be here forever. We no longer create life, but create its destruction. SPAWN POINT project has the ambition to open questions about sustainability and the future of life as we know it. We are creators who do not create life. We create new machines that have their own evolution.

If the technology develops as we have experienced so far with AI (artificial intelligence), it could be very serious. Namely, only on the basis of data and mechanical learning, AI can make the same mistakes as humans and expose them even more. Examples are the racist, right-wing, extremist robot: AI-Bot Tay, which, based on learning from tweets, showed what is hidden in humanity. Or the sexist recruiting AI tool of the company Amazon which, based on data from previous selections for engineering positions, preferred men over women. Thanks to the evaluation of the data presented to them, both mechanisms highlighted human errors. The question is whether the machines of the future, which will be able to develop themselves, will make the world even worse than it is.

The Spawn Point is a project which responds to the current state of the climate crisis and the role of technology in the present and distant future. It is composed of two layers. One in physical reality in gallery with performance of suicide machines and strong audio line. The second in virtual reality in the same premises with experience which is going to make you appreciate real life even more. The prospects for the future of life on our planet are threatened.  Either we will survive or we won't be needed.  


The evolution of machines. Breaking point. The birth.


Slovak National Gallery 2024

Muzeum Śląskie 2024

Galéria ALFA Košice 2023

INDUSTRA Brno 2023

Beta Version at Bratislava 2023

We are just at the beginning.

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