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Wax Worm

Light and sound installation.

What was once a myth is becoming a reality. In a world made up of remnants of human technology, nature has adapted to survive, creating the Wax Worm. 

The world of technology is starting to be more natural to us than living forms. The object of Wax Worm is created from recycled cables and other tech devices. Talks about the power of nature and its ability to adapt to various adverse conditions caused by human intervention. Nature will prevail.

Work created during residency at 4D Gallery. Artists warn people about the dire but possible future of our planet, where creatures from this world come to life.

Waxworm is a caterpillar that grows into a moth, which belongs to the Pyralidae family. It is an insect that eats plastic waste. Waxworm is a very good example of how strong nature is. Our object is drawing attention to this fact and to spread awareness about this worm.

A vision of the nature of the future, which is partly made up of the rest of the technological achievements of the people who lived before them. The project is a reaction to the fact that nature always survives, so if humanity wants to survive as well, it must adapt to it. Nature always adapts. The project is set up in such a way that it can engage the contemporary viewer saturated with visual art by means of an interactive installation, playful form and strong visuality.

Length: 6m

Height: 1.5m


OXI club Berlin 2024

Orphic Amsterdam 2023

GOGBOT Drugs and AI Enschede NL 2023

Anomalie Art Club Berlin 2023

WIHH gallery Amsterdam 2022

Magic Garden Bratislava 2022

Svetlo Valmez 2022

V novom svetle Považská Bystrica 2022

Sky Park Bratislava 2022

Nuit Blanch Paris 2021

Hradby Samoty 2021

Biela noc Bratislava 2020

Nová Cvernovka 2020

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