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Wax Worm 

Technical Rider

Short Anotation: 

What was once a myth is becoming a reality. In a world made up of remnants of human technology, nature has adapted to survive, creating the Wax Worm. 

The world of technology is starting to be more natural to us than living forms. The object of Wax Worm is created from recycled cables and other tech devices. Talks about the power of nature and its ability to adapt to various adverse conditions caused by human intervention. Nature will prevail.


Wax Worm 



Alex Zelina and Radovan Dranga / AUSGANG 



Light and sound installation 

Long anotation:


It attracts the audience with the help of animated light and sound. 



Length: 6m Height: 1.5m 

Power requirements: 

One 230V power supply.


Materials used: 

The basic construction is made of iron, recycled cables, natural elements, a programmable LED strips and a speaker. 



≈ 100kg 


Ingress protection: 

IP 65 


Installation time: 

3 hours 


Uninstall time: 

1 hour



Delivery truck with a loading space length of up to 4 m 



2 people with loading and unloading. 1 person for aesthetic corrections  

Additional info:

Cables must be installed also in the ground. Approximately 20 cables from main part and 10 cables from “head”  

Final looks:

Installation instructions manual: 

Connecting head part with body part:
Aesthetic notes: 
App for controlling lights: BanlanX
App Store
Google Play

Proper settings of lights as seen on the images:


Please send us picture of final installation at
Thank you, have fun and enjoy!

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